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Der Gasthof and his history

"Griass di" and welcome

The LANZENHOF was bought in 1900 by the traditional Johann Pirchl family from Kitzbühel and has therefore been owned by the Toni Pirchl family for over 100 years.

The farm was first mentioned as the "Witzlgut" at that time in the 15th century. The Lanzenhof is one of the oldest farmhouses in the village. In the 19th century the roof of the courtyard burned down and was rebuilt, the old roof structure from 1880 is still visible today.

The old courtyard building, no longer usable for modern agriculture, was separated from the rest of the courtyard in 1973 and relocated from the village center (today it is located on the Lanzenberg ski practice slope).

The traditional Lanzenhof is still unchanged today in the village center. In 1990 the Toni Pirchl family converted the farmhouse into an inn and has been a popular meeting place for all kinds of guests ever since.

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